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Startups and small businesses with limited financial resources would often face difficulty especially in the early days of their operation. For businesses like these, minimizing cost in every way possible is always their first consideration when handling projects. This can also extend to setting up the work environment with the needed equipment for operation. While some may consider going for second hand or used office equipment such as chairs and desk, others would commit fully into getting brand new equipment. Each of these groups has their reasons and those reasons will be the subject of our blog discussion today.


Buying a Used Office Chair: The Benefits and Advantages

Used chairs are considerably cheaper and can be useful for companies with very limited resources to spare. This low-cost affordability seems to be the most important reason most people would go for them. At times, the cost price could be less than half of what these chairs cost in the first place. So, the major benefit of used chairs lies in their inexpensive price tags but it’s not like they don’t come with their own peculiar problems.


Used chairs are cheap but compared to their brand new counterparts, they are prone to a lot of risks. First, this has to do with quality. While brand new office furniture would be expected to be of high quality, a used office chair would not enjoy the same level of quality considering it has been used for some time in some other place. At times, most of this used furniture may also have been sourced from repaired but previously damaged chairs.


So, for used office chairs as well as most other used furniture, reliability is often always out of the picture. Although they can prove really good if you want to save costs, you may end up spending more when you eventually have to replace them way before you would have done if they were bought new. Another compromise you have to make with used office chairs is style. You’ll have to make do with available options that may go against your current setup. For people who value style and organization, this may seem like a very hard route to take, especially when available options do not meet your style or quality criteria.


Buying New Office Chairs

New office chairs may come across as costlier but when you get those from a reliable source, you can rest assured that you’re getting long years of quality, comfort, reliability, and functionality. You’ll be able to choose what you want in terms of style since you’ll have an unlimited range of options before you. Additionally, you can choose to buy en masse if you want a general style or form. The ultimate winner, in this case, is the group of brand new office chairs since they offer more returns on the investment in the long run.


The range of office chairs and furniture we have available on Wurk Furniture are not only affordable despite being new. They are built to last and sport the latest of ergonomics and functionality advances. You may check out our offerings on the store or contact us if there’s anything you’d like us to know.










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