würking by design for a cleaner environment

würk Environment Brochure

From the beginning design phase, würk Furniture has looked at how to reduce the impact that the products we manufacture have on the environment.

Starting with simple designs that are from materials that can be recycled at the end of there thus being diverted from landfills.

Designs that are simple reduce the energy required to manufacture products. A focus on lightweight recyclable materials reduces the energy required to transport products to our customers.

Our partnership with local installation companies reduces the use of packaging materials as installation companies able to return furniture blankets and skids to be reused on other projects.

Our laminate supplier is LEED Certified and its products qualify for up to 6 credits.

würk Furniture purchases material boards that are compliant with the phase 2 limit for the California air resource board (CARB).

würk Furniture uses products that come from sustainable forests, steel that is galvanized and there lasts much longer the painted steel. The use of galvanized steel reduces the need for painting which further reduces the impact on our environment.

Ninety percent of würk Furniture suppliers are within 100 kilometers of our facility.

None of würk Furniture’s products use any type of fiberglass as it cannot be recycled at the end of life and therefore is diverted to a landfill.

würk Furniture is committed to and will continue to be committed to developing products that are environmentally sound and reduce würk Furniture’s carbon footprint.