Proudly Made in Canada!

Surface Mounted Tempered Glass 6MM 9 to 18 high to 84 wide

Stop Others From Speaking Moistly On You!

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Tempered Glass

Tempered VS Plexi?

Tempered glass won’t’ fade or decay with the use of standard household cleaners such as Windex and can be cleaned with the strongest anti-bacterial on the market!

Custom Sizes Welcome!

Separate space fast in any workplace with würks Desk Mounted Glass Dividers.
Tempered glass can stand up to harsh cleaners to ensure a sanitary workplace for both customers and employees.
Never before have we needed separation amongst people as we do now. Now, more than ever, we need spaces that keep us all safe.

Design Features

• 6MM tempered glass can be cleaned with healthcare-grade cleaners

• Multiple screens can be connected

• Easy to assemble

Glass pitch (leveling) adjustment built into the hardware to keep the glass straight