Glass Marker Boards – White Boards – Black Boards

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What’s included: 1 Tempered Glass Marker board, mounting hardware and screws to mount to the board.
What’s not included: screws to attach to the wall are not included as wall conditions are unknown.
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Canadian made, beautiful tempered glass marker boards that are available in a variety of sizes & colours. Glass dry erase boards never ghost, simply use any glass cleaner and whatever was there disappears! Every time! Glass marker boards last forever, unlike ceramic, laminate or other materials that start wearing out as a result of the chemicals in dry erase markers. Custom colours are available, just reach out and we will be happy to help!

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24HX24W, 24HX30W, 24HX36W, 24HX42W, 24HX48W, 24HX54W, 24HX60W, 24HX66W, 24HX72W, 24HX78W, 30HX24W, 30HX30W, 30HX36W, 30HX42W, 30HX48W, 30HX54W, 30HX60W, 30HX66W, 30HX72W, 30HX78W, 36HX24W, 36HX30W, 36HX36W, 36HX42W, 36HX48W, 36HX54W, 36HX60W, 36HX66W, 36HX72W, 36HX78W, 42HX24W, 42HX30W, 42HX36W, 42HX42W, 42HX48W, 42HX54W, 42HX60W, 42HX66W, 42HX72W, 42HX78W, 48HX24W, 48HX30W, 48HX36W, 48HX42W, 48HX48W, 48HX54W, 48HX60W, 48HX66W, 48HX72W, 48HX78W


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